Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Data for One, Data for All!

Captain's Log - Startdate 64648.3

Lieutenant Commander Data has been captured by the Borg, a collective of living machines bent on enslaving the human race. For the good of the Collective, they have stated their intention of splitting Data into several pieces and then reselling him to the Federation in small, expensive, controlled bits. Riker is so upset, he shaved his beard (and man, has he put on weight; I really ought to put this in the Supplemental Log).

Data is now under the complete control of the Borg Collective, consisting of the Borg vessels Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint. We currently have no course of action to get him back in one piece. I fear, unless we engineer some sort of inverse tachyon beam (which will be pretty tough to do without Data), we may be at the mercy of the Borg and Data will be forever their slave.

Of course, Leonidas would have simply impaled Q, proving that even a lame god-ish thing can bleed.

I'll make this short and sweet (like my wife, except this article won't get bored when I tell it about the up and coming, 7", SAMOLED display tech). I'd like wireless providers to start offering shared data plans, similar to the shared minute plans we all enjoy. Make it a $10 per device per month fee for each additional device, or some such thing. That way, My Cr48 could share with my (soon to come) tablet and my wife's (soon to come) tablet, and I can hog all the GeeBees since my wife barely uses any.

Make it so!

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